Research Interests:

International Trade, Environmental Economics, Energy, Regional Economic Development

My current work examines the environmental consequences of international trade and environmental policy stemming from cross-country differences in endowments and comparative advantage, and cross-sector difference in regulation, factor intensities, and fixed costs.
Other recent work also investigates the factors contributing to regional economic development.

Published Research:

Journal Metrics (restricted access)

Working and Completed Papers:

  • “Environmental Consequences of Natural Gas Wellhead Pricing Deregulation”

  • “Decomposing Changes in Establishment Level Emissions with Entry and Exit”  with J. Scott Holladay

  • “Walling Off Crime: An Analysis of the Local Deterrent Effects of a Border Fence”, with Randy McFerrin

Work in Progress:

  • “Measuring Environmental Stringency Under the Clean Air Act”
    • Proposes and evaluates a readily available measure of US environmental stringency.

  • “Assessing the Economic Consequences of Crime Reduction for Entrepreneurial Activity and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”
    • Extends existing analysis of the deterrent effects of international border fencing to identify effects of reduced criminal activity on entrepreneurial activity and educational attainment. 

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