Teaching Interests:

International Economics including Trade and Development; Intermediate Macro Economics; Intermediate Micro Economics; Principles of Economics; Political Economy

Teaching Experience:

Instructor: (Full responsibility for course design, textbook choice, lectures, homework, writing and presentation assignments, exams, and assignment of final grades)

  • ECON 252G: Principles of Micro Economics
  • ECON 313: Intermediate Macro Economics (Syllabus example)
  • ECON 322: Global Economy: Trade and Development (Syllabus example)
  • ECON 450/IB 450: International Economics
  • DED 671: Sustainable Economic Development

Business Coach: (Responsible for developing students’ comprehensive sets of business skills — including economics, management, marketing, manufacturing, finance, accounting, human resources, and logistics and supply chain management — as they strategically manage their own company in competition with other student teams in the simulation program Marketplace Live)

  • BUAD 353: Integrated Process Management




Additional Teaching Resources: Increasing engagement in the classroom

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